Cattery Folds of Jem is probably the first registered Scottish Folds/Straights, British Shorthairs/Longhairs cattery in Singapore. Dedicating passionately to these unique & v rare feline breeds in the extremely interesting & often elusive feline colours of colourpoints, silvers, goldens, along with the occasional solids.

Most of my kitties are imported from Russia & Europe, etc. due to the scarcity of the breeds & colours. Longhairs in these breeds are gorgeous & unique – less common around the world & practically unseen here. Their coats are fuss-free (unlike those of eg. Ragdolls/Persians which need more maintenance).

In a litter fr a Fold & a British, kittens whose ears remain straight are commonly called “Scottish Straights” & look like British Shorthairs/Longhairs.  I absolutely disallow the breeding of 2 folds tog. These hardy, slow-maturing breeds (their average lifespan is 14 – 18 yrs) spend most of their time relaxing & are v suitable for a highly urbanised lifestyle.

My mission statement is to inculcate responsible pet guardianship. My kitties are like my children & you can rest assured that they are raised with extreme love & dedication. Before you contact me about a kitty, please ensure that you’re ready for a serious commitment.

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  1. rahayu ismail says:

    Hi there

    I’m so glad there is a breeder who is dedicated like u.Your kitties are so beautiful and cute.I’m a mummy to 3 feline kidz. Two of them are from pet shops…no cert and paid quite a high adoption fees. The youngest one…i just need to get her out from an awful place.Ppl should understand dat u go the distance to get the most healthy and beautiful kitties to breed and yr adoption fees are reasonable.

    • Aww Rahayu, you’re so kind! The loveliest compliment I had so far. My older (neutered) cats are also fr pet shops. I was so fed up of the pathetic options for pets offered to locals. I don’t like what I see offered by pet shops & sadly many local breeders. I don’t wish to boast but I really feel that my adoption fees are reasonable (& at the lower end). There is honestly nothing “profitable” abt what I do – the adoption fees are poured back to the cats to buy big cat trees, etc. This is really just a huge passion that I have. Costs of microchipping, neutering, pedigree cert, seeing the parents, etc. are all included, so I think my cattery provides something really special. Thank you once again for yr v kind words & for viewing the website :D

    • rahayu ismail says:

      Perhaps someday I’ll be a mummy to a scottish fold… :) and now I know who to look for.

    • It would be my honour & pleasure ;)


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